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Why Diapers'?, Chapter One  My Early Childhood: James was like any other child/toddler of his age having been born in Ashington Northumbria in the United Kingdom on a Tuesday in October 21st 1980, but unlike any other child James had mixed pearntage as his natural birth pearents had come from two different ethnic back rounds and his paternal mother and father where bouth in their early-mid 30's when they had James and they where bouth proud pearents of a handsome baby boy they had named after the biblical character of James & John from the old testimate, James was unique because unlike other children he was 1/4 welsh 1/2 Geordie & 1/2 Chinese a sort of figurative assortment of chocolates ao to speak this had come about because his grandmother & Grand father on his mothers side of the family had immigrated from China in the early 1930's before WWII had started then they had settled down in Liverpool England.

They had later moved with their 5 children in the 1950's to Hebben in Whales where they had 5 more children in the 1960's including James future mother Barbra Ying, Later she would meet up by chance with Michael  James future father on the way to a dance hall for a ball after she had moved into college in Newcastle apon tyne and was studying to become a teacher this profound coincidental meeting would result in James existence as his future pearents later got married in the late 1970's and had a child in the early 1980's, James was lucky enouth to have been born into a extensive family who had money but where not rich but not poor either in other words middle classed.

James was lucky enouth to have his pearents move him from Cramlington in the cold and wet United Kingdom to the idealic and tropical paradise that was the caribbean archipelago of the Cayman Islands when James was still only 3 moths old and already pampers diapers he looked so cute/handsome and back then his father had gotten a job as a teacher at the local college/university in Grand Cayman and his mother had got a temporary job as a banking assistant, and so started jame's adventurous life in the cayman, he would live their from 1980-1984 and
James pearents where also very lucky and fortunate in the first place to get sponsored by the Government of Cayman Islands Department of Education and this allowed them be able to afford to move to their in the first place which was a great privlage and honour to be granted to a ordinary middle classed family and this also provided them with more money than they had ever had in their entire lives which was tax free and so with that they where off to start their new life in the sun James mum & dad checked their list to make sure they had everything before leaving and with their baggs packed baby in arms they proceeded to bord the long British Airways flight from London's Heathrow Airport to Miami Florida a 8 & 1/2 hour international flight no sooner had they touched down in Miami it was time to transfer another flight and from there it was another short flight lasting 1hour 30 minutes from Miami's international airport to Owen Roberts International Airport in Cayman Brac (As mentioned bellow), travelling in ecconomy class quite a climb down from first class but since the smaller airplane had an all ecconomy layout they just had to get use to it and grin and bare so to speak even though the seating was very comfortable but basic, on the previous BA flight from heathrow which had been a spacious boeing 747-100B series airliner they had been in the front section of the plane in the front row of seating and had the pleasure and comfort of experiencing first class service with their very own personal baby minder provided for at no extra cost which was nice of the airline to personally appoint the new family with and there was also a bassinet/baby basket in dark blue which James was laying in for the duration of the long 8 & 1/2 hour flight.

Having just arrived in the Cayman islands having stepped off the connecting flight a Cayman Airways British Aerospace BAC-111-500 series short-medium haul regional airliner that could seat up to 130 people in a typical high density layout but Cayman airways only usually had it in a more comfortable seating arrangement of 50-60 passengers and crew this was because it was only used for the regional flights between Cayman and Miami, then for James and his family it was off the meet the concierge of the local hotel where they would spend a few days before moving into their newly refurbished house/apartment over looking the bay and surrounded by trees.

James was a like a normal child he slept in a crib in his lavishly and comfortably appointed/decorated nursary room with its snap together shelving and baby mobile with a toy F-15 fighter jet with a plastic propeller and a celling filled with glow in the dark stars and with almost all the soft toys he could ever want to own.

Next came the decission of pre-school for their child once he became old enouth to attend it as a student they choose Mr Budd's as their prefured school for James not knowing the pain this would cause later down the road in time.

Why Diapers'? chapter 2 tortured at the hands of a mad man & deliverance from evil: Pre-school seemed to be going well and James was almost 18 months old until one day when James was bitten in the arm by a nasty boy called Max who's mission it seemed was to make Jame's life a mysery and make him cry for no reason at all and to make things worse the governer/ principle of the school was a jerkov of a character who forced the children to sing the star spandreled banner the American national anthem and who had a sadistic point of using the Cain to punnish anyone who he deamed as naughty or bad.

One day to his embarrassment James found out too late he had messed his training pants and was uncerimonialasly marched to the principles office and once cleaned up was given a lashing with the Cain/wooden ruler for messing his pants on purpose and James couldn't understand why he was being punnished as he cried out in pain tears rolling down his eyes and next came the angry phone call to his pearents blaming them for sending James to pre-school when he wasn't ready for it, James mother arrived at the principles office and to her anger saw that James had been beaten raw his backside was obviously uncomfortable and he had been crying his eyes out, at this point she went ballistic and much shouting and heated arguments ensued.

Once she had left that accursed place she vowed never to return James to this cruel and torturous place, and after she and James had gone home from that place of suffering his life went back to that of a normal baby/toddler, James wore Pampers baby-dry diapers and enjoyed being treated like the child he was supposed to be and not the robotic like animal the principle was forcing him to become and their was one more plus factor in the terms that James had no more bullies for a while and was at peace in his comfortable diapers which felt soo nice!!!, James was 18 months old by this stage and it was 1982 E.T.was on at the cinemas or movie house and James enjoyed watching it with his pearents, it was his first movie and he was totally enthralled with it.

Earlier that day James had been to in his pram/stroller pushed by his mother to the toy store where James had picked out the biggest teddy bear he laid his eyes on and had been to K.F.C where he proudly sat atop of his high chair whilst eating cornflakes with milk and a banana which was his first taste of solid food and he enjoyed it so much he Finished the bowl off.

Chapter 2 why Diapers'?, potty training at some point jame's was potty trained and his diapers became history until he was to rediscover them 6 years later in 1988. James was quick on the uptake of learning to become potty trained and by age 3 he was diaper free although he still wished he was still in diapers, soon it was time for his  holidays and James and his pearents where going to Disney land Florida James was only 3 years old  by this stage James had probebly flown 60 times since he was 18 months old and that was when his pearents decided to take him on holiday to Disney land in Florida for the first time for Jame's it was like magic meeting micky mouse and some of his other favourite characters from the cartoons he loved to watch on TV and riding accopined with his mum and dad on space mountain and seeing the exhibits in the Epcot space dome in the epcot space center James and his pearents borded the Train-ride through the time tunnel ride which depicted verious sceans from the earths past with nernation from verious recorded famous peoples voices and the ride consisted of sceans of the past and future including a full reconstruction of the Apollo 11 moon landing complete with some of the actual astronauts who relayed/directed the parts the actors played in portraying the reinactment of that historic day in 1969 they had been brought in specially as consultants from Nasa in Cape Canaveral on the movie like filming sets and then the day was wrapped up by a spectacular light show and fireworks display and the theam song its a small world after all.

The next day James and his family also visited San Diego zoo where James saw the animals and Sea park in Orlando.

Later that week James and his pearents went to see the famous redwood forest where Star Wars was filmed in the famous sceans from the moon Endorre, then  after a month spent in Florida it was time to go home to the Cayman Islands and to resume his normal life as a 3 year old child and enjoying my care free world.

Chapter 3 Why Diapers?, leaving the Cayman Islands for the last time.
James was 4 years old by the stage when his pearents contact ended with the Department of Education and we returned to the UK, to his first house that he had known in Ponteenland in Northumbria.

By this stage James was attending Beecon Hill primary school in Ponteenland a short distance from where he lived with my pearents. Back in england in his bedroom and James use-to play with his teddy bear and dress him in diapers as he wasn't allowed to wear them myself so I use to take teddy everywhere and pretend he was his baby and look after him as if reinacting what his pearents did for him all those years before.

James did this for another 2-3 years until he lost interest in playing the part of a pearent with a teddy bear as a depiction of his younger self as it soon became apparent he had to grow up fast to avoid being left in a time warp so to speak, and so for now his interest in diapers ended until a few years later on.

Chapter 4 why Diapers'?, A new arrival to the family: One day James was taken to the maternity unit at Wansbeck General Infirmary where he had been born 6 years previously in 1980, James begged his dad not to replace him with a baby boy and abandon him as he already had a unhealthy fear of abandonment,  the year was 1986 and Iron Eagle was on at the cinemas and Star Trek's the search for Spock was on TV and the popular teen rebellion themed song "Were not gonna take it Anymore"  by twisted sister was all the rage, diet coke had been invented and rolled out to the public to enjoy and tragically the Challenger Space shuttle disaster happened, And although he did not know it then but his younger brother had just been born as he waited patiently in the waiting room playing checkers and sipping a drink of orange juice from a drinks carton eventually his mom turned up carrying his younger brother a baby in arms, and at first James didn't like this one bit as he had enjoyed being the only child and to him this was tantamount to a treat to this status he had enjoyed but he went along with it anyway even though he was jealous, Although all sibling rivalry aside on the upside at least it gave James the chance to see someone in diapers again something which would later re-stoke his interest in wearing diapers something that had laid dormant for years in his subconscious mind  James knew that once his brother was potty trained and the supply of diapers dried up for good and he made plans to wear them again later down the line.

Chapter 5 Why Diapers'?, Moving to Acomb in Northumberland: The year was 1987 and James and his pearents moved into new housing as the old one wasn't big enough for four people and it was also in the process of being sold at the local estate agents and soon a new family would move out of their former home.

Jame's newly completed family moved to Acomb and out of their former home which was now for sale and into to a former farmhouse called Howford House it came with  an courtyard and inclosed garden in the front of the house, James wanted a climbing frame to play on and his pearents agreed that it was a good idea to go ahead and purchase one from the shop and so it arrived one week after it was delivered and we all pitched on to build it all except for his brother who was obviously too young to help in the construction process and James was exited to have two things in his life he enjoyed company and a climbing frame that was like a playground in his own back yard although his mother was not to pleased as it meant she had to re do the garden and move the cabbages to a new patch of ground to make way for the brand-new climbing frame.

Chapter 6 why Diapers'?, Rediscovering How wonderfull diapers feel: James knew where the spair cash of his old diapers was stored and he was determined to try them on once again and play the part of a baby something he had been missing since he had stopped wearing them all those years before the year was 1988 he was still quite small for his age and this meant he could still fit into his old pampers baby-dry diapers as they where in size L-XL for children weighying up to 25kg~40kg they where marked as toddler plus their was about 300 diapers in the value box stored under his bunk bed and James reasoned that his mother kept them there in case he or had any bed wetting accidents during the night as the toilet was a long walk down the corridor James use to occasionally slip one onto himself as a part of his early age regression sessions, which where held in private and seacracy, but back then then it was only a hobby/interest  for  James and not a physiological or psycalogical need but he reasoned again once his brother was potty trained his supply of diapers would dry up for good and he would not be allowed to continue wearing diapers if he where to be discovered by his pearents and if he were he would be punnished in such a way he didn't even want to comprehend in his mindset, now being in the final two years of the Seal Middle School in Hexham Northumbria where James had attended since their move from Cramlington nearly 3 years previously.

Chapter 7 Why Diapers'?, The move to Hong Kong China: the year was 1990 and James had now been diaper free for 18 months as his brother was now potty trained and was a procoutious 2 year old boy who kept James pearents busy by doing things he shouldn't do but not that he knew any better he was only a child that was barely out of diapers, James pearents had gotten jobs a teachers in Hong Kong and it was their first trip this far-east and they took James and his brother with them to enjoy their new life abroud as specialist schooling for James now that he had been diagnosed with learning difficulties was not suitable for James and given the chance they had decided for bough of their sons to go through normal/main stream schooling in Hong Kong and so it was off to a new life in the Far-East in a foreign country they had only previously read about or seen in the movies on TV, and for the second time in their lives it was time to relocate and to use British Airways once more to fly from Heathrow airport,only this time to time to Hong Kong which was then a British owned colonial outpost in china.

James went to Beecon Hill primary school from 1990-1993 the latter being when his brother also started at that school and for a temporary time they where at the same school although be I in different year groups, Later that year James out grew the primary school and was then graduated to King George V secondary school where he entered year 7 for the first time his new teachers where Ms Renshaw and Mr Seal (Now retired), James noticed right from the start that this school was different to the one he had attended before hand and at first this was un-nerving but later something he would come to enjoy even though he felt like a fish out of water and for the fact he had to make new friends all over again although his best friend Carl had also graduated in the same year group from Beecon hill primary school.

Carl had mobility related disablities from birth as he was diagnosed with MS, but this didn't slow him down much although sadly carl had to be in a wheelchair and walk with the aid of a walking stick, Carl was 1/2 Hong Kong British & 1/2 Pilipino and had been born in 1982 in Hong Kong and so was 1 year 5 months younger than James.

James had permanent but minor nerve dammage from earlier episodes of epilepsy he had suffered the year before in 1992 whilst reading a book and although James didn't realise it this factor would come back to haunt him years later as he would have problems controlling his bladder and need to return to wearing diapers virtually 24/7 in 2010.

But all that seemed a life time away and was not even something he had ever thought of other than in his dreams when he could be a baby once more and wear diapers all the time without fear of any conceqences but this was only a fantasy as he knew once it was over and he awoke it would be back to his normal life.

For the next 6 years until his graduation from KGV he had no thought of wearing diapers other than in his head as he had total control over his bladder and had no incidences of incontinence problems and he enjoyed his time as a teen ager although in 1994-1995 his brother also joind KGV school and the two where reunited although be it in different year groups again, In 1999 James graduated from upper sixth form and consequently KGV and moved out of shool whilst his brother was still their being now in year 10, and by now it was the cusp of a new decade and a new existence for James as he moved back to the UK and into College in Harrogate in North Yorkshire and into lodgings ran by Barnardo's a children's charity that looked after young and disenfranchised vaunrable adults who had disablities or who had other problems in life.

His first lodgings where a disaster as he was moved in with a srict and nasty old woman who kept him on a tight leash and James having previously enjoyed his freedom didn't like it one bit and was un happy and so he moved out after a series of arguments and it was immediately apparent this wouldn't work so he was moved into a more suitable situation temporarily and this was a bit like a half way house.

But thankfully eventually came the day he had been waiting for when James could move into more suitable lodgings with a family that where very nice and supportive of James needs and reminded James of the family he always wanted  by now the year was 2001.

And as part of his look see or process of looking for suitable accommodations he came apon a family as mentioned above who where perfect, but to make things even sweeter they had a golden labrador retriever and this was something James had always wanted but never had due to his earlier pet hair allergies their dog was a golden Labrador retreiever called freeway and she would prove to become Jame's true soulmate and lover in the sence of true love and for the first time in Jame's life he had someone to care for him and make him feel loved, and this relationship would last for 5 wonderfull years from 2001-2005 when until the time she saddly passed away aged virtually 14 in dog years She had been a rescued dog and was abandoned and left to be run over in a cardboard box as a puppy.

Fortunately like James she had found a good family to move in with that adopted her as their own, now an adult dog her new friend James use to give her everything she ever wanted from a friend and more and who was saddly missed, although would never be forgotten or unloved by James as he had pictures of her in better days and he had made a tearfull promise to see her again in the next life once it became clear she was slowly diying and that the two would be finally separated by death.

Chapter 8 Why Diapers'?, The return to wearing diapers 24/7: One day whilst working at a local animal sanctuty in Clifton Dykes Cumbria James noticed something wet and cold between his pants and to his embarrassment and horror noticed he had wet himself through he frantacally began trying to clean up the now ever growing puddle of urine on the storeroom floor with a mop and a bucket filled with disinfectant and hot soapy water before anyone noticed but I was too late he had been spotted by his worst nemesis and person he didn't get on with and was made to feel humiliated as his punishment at the hands of a bully begun.

James was teased and called a baby for wetting his pants all over the floor and teased and riddiculed and asked does baby need a diaper?., by this stage James felt like and thought if only he could puch this jerkov's eyes out he would be free  but he didn't dare to because his boss would undoubtably report him and expell James from the place he enjoyed volunteering at and James didn't want to loose his job over a fool who couldn't keep his mouth shut but by this stage James had  enough and he vowed never to be so embarrassed again in public or made a fool of because of the problem.

James formulated a plan in his head he had rehearsed in his mind many times over he made a doctors appointment to see the urologist/incontinence nurse, she then re-fired James to the hospital for further tests to determine why this was happening to him at such an early age since James was only 30 years old at this time.

Chapter 10 Why Diapers'?, The final diagnosis: After many exhaustive and sometimes painfull tests it was determined that all James had was a weak/over active Bladder, he was prescribed with Vasicare medication but the tables only caused more problems than it was worth due to allergic reactions with the meds that made James swell up alarmingly and by this stage James had had enough and decided to return himself to wearing diapers 24/7, but not before asking himself why diapers?, why now in my life? But James knew if he threw those nagging and quite frankly negitive thoughts away he could do something he hadn't done or experienced since he was a child  all those years before.

The year was 2010, and not 1980,
but he knew in his head he wouldn't be embarrassed again if he did try to manage his problems through this way/means even though he would undoubtably have to loose some of his precious manhood in the process, but this didn't bother himself at all, James reasoned if my body is trying to tell me that I shouldn't have been out of diapers in the first place I will still be okay wearing them the next stage was actually acting on his plans for real-life and the thought of now having to wearing diapers again was something that enthralled him but also frightened him to death, but since James had little choice in the matter he knew he just had to go for it and bite the bullet and accept the fact he would be diapered for life and he never looked back having made the right decision.

Chapter 11 Why Diapers' the end of the story: Finally on Friday December 18th 2015 he decided to write his story down in his journal and this is the result, James was pleased he had the time and patience to write the truth of this matter down for posterity so others can read it as he layed in his bed  feeling totally relaxed and James had total peace of mind knowing his life was in control.

The End...


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